You may be an employee, an entrepreneur, or a student by day but once you receive packages from us, you will enter the hidden life of a secret agent. Explore different scenarios with well-crafted storylines full of unexpected twists and turns. Interact with different characters. Analyze the clues. Finish the mission before time runs out.



Yes, we are not talking about an hour or even a day. We are giving you THIRTY WHOLE DAYS to try and finish our Secret Lives Experience. Sounds easy? Well, our experiences are designed to keep you occupied for days on end. Receive packages filled with objects, clues, and puzzles that draw you into an interactive experience. Be prepared to start tacking papers to your wall and connecting the dots with string as you can expect to discover loose connections and decipher hidden messages.


We offer a FREE Breakout Escape Room game to the first 3 participants of each mission who get to finish a certain mission! And, for the Introductory Mission, everyone who finishes within 30 days will receive a Breakout Membership Card that offers up to 50% discounts to Breakout Escape Room Games and merchandise.


You will no longer be able to progress, and the game characters you meet within the experience will stop interacting with you. In other words, you failed the mission! Don't worry though, if you really want to finish the mission, you can sign up again for a 30-day extension via a “Resume Game Fee” of only P300. You will not receive a new box of items nor will you be eligible for the top prizes, but the characters will resume interacting with you and continue where you have left off. Think of it as a head start for the next 30-day time limit so you can finally get closure (and if you are in the Introductory Experience, your membership card).



Receive an immersive investigative experience that will lead you to live the secret life of an undercover agent! You have up to 30 days to find serial killers, uncover lost relics, discover forbidden secrets, hunt paranormal activities, and so much more!


Accept packages at home or in the office, receive messages through your phone or gadgets, or retrieve letters and instructions via email. Use these objects, clues, and puzzles to uncover the hidden story and take part in an interactive mission. Get ready for maps, encoded letters, encrypted flash drives, forensic evidence, photographs, and many more!


More than analyzing the contents of your packages, your investigation will lead you to even deeper storylines and clues on various websites and social media pages. Encounter videos with hidden messages. Uncover phone numbers and email addresses. Interact with real life characters online and through phone and email.


To ensure a high level of immersion and customization, we only accept a limited number of members each mission. Once all of the slots have been booked, we will no longer accept new players until the next mission is announced. Sign up today!


Our experiences are designed to keep you up at night. Some may take this as a challenge to solve by themselves, while others might want to gather their squad to multiply the brain power (and divide the registration fee) for an easier experience. But do note that customization only applies to the player who signed up for the experience (or the “registered player”).


Once you are a member who has completed our introductory experience, you have the option of purchasing an experience as a gift to an unsuspecting friend to completely mess with their heads! Imagine the look on their faces once they start receiving cryptic messages from us.


I received this as a gift, creepy as f!@#! I thought I was getting spam emails and text messages. But then I started to get deliveries at my house. I hate / love my friend for being behind this.

Xander Sy

Initially I thought the price was a little expensive. But everything was well-organized and well-thought of! Definitely worth it!! Plus you can share the fees with your friends as well!

Tarek Estrada

The whole group enjoyed it! We love how it lasted across several weeks! We all kept chatting away during the weekdays on how we can solve it during the weekends, it was a fun way to spend time with the barkada! The actors you have are really creepy/great also! Kudos!

Sari Soriano

You had me at hello. I felt like being a real detective living my own CSI moment. I love how I was able to do this at my own pace and did not interfere with my work schedule too. Sign me up for the whole year!

Reinard Garcia


Q: I want to sign up! How much is it and are there any extra fees like delivery?

Registration is only P1,000 per experience inclusive of the delivery fees (within Metro Manila) and items you receive in the package/s. For addresses outside Metro Manila but within the Philippines, just add P100. Aside from that, if we are to really think about extra expenses for you... it would revolve around the extra cups of coffee you drink and the stress eating you will do while solving the puzzles. But of course, those are beyond our control.

Q: What is the “Resume Game Fee” of P300 you mentioned earlier?

This fee is for those who were not able to finish the mission in time but would like to continue their experience by signing up for another 30-day time limit to hopefully get their closure. You will not receive a new box of items but the characters will resume interacting with you and continue where you have left off. Think of it as a head start for the next 30-day time limit as finishing the Introductory Mission (even after having to avail of this extension) will let you receive the Breakout Membership Card that gives up to 50% discounts as a prize. However, players who restart will be ineligible for the free Breakout Escape Room Game even if they finish in the top 3 of the mission.

Q: Why P1500? Isn’t that a little pricey for one experience?

It will be worth it, trust us. Not convincing enough for you? Much like a regular escape room game (that averages about P2000 per room actually), the experience is actually good for a group of friends to enjoy and share! And of course there is that fact that this experience also can last you up to 30 days!

Q: Can a group of friends purchase one experience? How many in a group?

It depends on you on how many extra brains you need to help you. But please note that the customization of the story and items you will be getting will only be limited to the player who signed up for the experience (or the “registered player”).

Q: What do you mean by the customization is only limited to the registered player?

Our experience will have you receiving packages and interacting with game characters. These letters, messages, and sometimes even souvenirs will only be addressed and directed towards the registered player. However, the overall experience will still allow the registered player to recruit help from his / her friends to solve the puzzles and finish the mission on time.

Q: I am below 18 years old or I live outside Metro Manila. Can I still join?

Yes, of course! We are thrilled to inform everyone that there is now no minimum age or Metro limitation to join our secret world. For those below 18 years old, we will simply ask for your parent’s written consent. For those outside Metro Manila (but within the Philippines), nothing more will be required aside from the P100 shipping fee.

Q: How long does an experience last? Will it really take me 30 days?

How much of your day job you can give up to live this new secret life of yours? It really depends on how much time you can dedicate for this and how swiftly you are able to put the pieces together to progress. Our characters will also reply in real time so if you ask them to investigate a far away location, they may take some time to get back to you as well.

Q: What do you mean the characters will reply in real time?

Think of it this way. If you text someone at 3am in the morning, do they reply right away? Some do, but most of them don’t, right? Our characters are the same in the sense that depending on their personalities, some will take a while to reply, some will be swift, and some will reply only on certain times of the day. Taking note of when and how they reply will also be good insight that may help you in your investigation.

Q: So what else do we get aside from the experience?

We offer a FREE Breakout Escape Room game to the first 3 members who get to finish a certain experience! And, for the Introductory Experience, everyone who finishes within 30 days will receive a Breakout Membership Card that offers up to 50% discounts to Breakout Escape Room Games and merchandise.

Q: Is everything needed to finish a mission included in the first delivery?

Nope, and that's a good thing. There will be instances where you get physical or virtual deliveries on later dates depending on your progress. You might also need to have a computer and/or smartphone with internet access. Most of our immersive experiences will take you online to uncover additional information and discover more clues.

Q: If I change my mind, can I cancel?

You may cancel your membership (read: abort your mission) at any time. But if the cancellation is done after Day One of the experience, you will not be entitled to any refund. Please bear in mind that you may not be able to re-subscribe right away as we will give preference to brand new players who have been waiting for their turn to be a member. In other words, we follow a first come first serve basis, and cancelling your membership will get you to the end of the line.

Q: How many missions are there? Will I miss out on anything if I sign up months behind everyone else?

We are actually requiring everyone to start with our Introductory Mission. After finishing this first mission, you will be given access to the rest of the missions and you will have the freedom to choose which one piques your interest the most! So there will be a few members who will have more missions completed if you sign up late, but at the end of the day everyone will have access to the same missions.

Q: What is the Introductory Mission? Do old players have to sign up for this everytime they resume their membership?

Treat it as a tutorial session to get a hang of how we do things. Once you complete your training, you will no longer have to go through it ever again. You will continue where you last left off and have new missions available to choose from!

Q: Will the different missions be connected and must I do all?

Each mission can be enjoyed without any having a background knowledge of our other missions. However, all of our experiences are set in the same "shared universe" which may allow players to encounter the same characters, locations, and storylines in certain missions. Members who stay with us over time will certainly enjoy getting immersed in overlapping storylines that paint a bigger picture for them to discover.

Q: What happens if I lose something I need for the experience?

Small things are easy to lose and we get it. Obviously, we ask that you please try not to lose them. If you do, we will do our best to send you a replacement which may involve a minimal fee for logistics.

Q: I am giving the experience to someone as a gift. Do you have a card or something I can give them so they know I got them something and don’t get too freaked out?

Yes. During the registration process, we have an option that you can click to indicate that you are getting this as a gift for someone else. You will be asked to input the personal information of that person and if you would like to add a gift note.

Q: Can I choose the exact date for the games to begin?

We will be posting a monthly schedule of when we’ll be sending out our packages. However, we are dependent on our courier service so we cannot guarantee that anything we send in the mail will arrive on a specific date. What we will be doing though is setting an official timer to your 30 days on a date with a large buffer for delivery time. Example: Batch Date when we start shipping is July 15 -- 30-day time limit starts on July 20.


Register now for only P1,500 per experience. You can challenge yourself to do the mission all by yourself but you can also “squad up” to divide the puzzle solving tasks and share this registration fee with your group of friends!

Once you click the sign-up button, you will be given instructions to follow before officially becoming a member. These may involve answering seemingly obscure questions and accepting our friend request on Facebook. Because y’know... We're essentially going to be your stalkers so might as well call it being friends to make it less weird. After we check your information, you can expect a response from our team giving you all our payment methods.

Lastly, before clicking the button below, make sure to read the entire FAQs section above to make sure you don’t miss out on any important details.

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*We send invites to the next missions once you have completed the Intro Mission. But feel free to email us if you want to clarify anything about your application.

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